Lucy Trecasse
Screengrab via Youtube/KDKA

Eighth Oldest Woman in U.S. Celebrates Birthday with Cake and a Cold One



Pennsylvania native Lucy Trecasse celebrated something on October 18 that many of us may never live to see: her 112th birthday. Lucy celebrated the same way many of us do -- by sharing a beer with a friend.

Lucy is particularly fond of beer, and not without reason. Her family used to brew it at home to sell to neighbors during prohibition.


Trecasse is the eighth oldest living person in the United States. She shared a few of her secrets to longevity.

"I never drink coffee, I drink milk, I think it's milk," Trecasse told local news.

Born in 1905 in Foxburg, Pa., Lucy Trecasse has lived through some incredible events. She recalls listening to the results of the 1920 presidential election on the radio at home. (Warren G. Harding raked in 404 electoral votes that year.)

"There were no automobiles then. We had nothing, just a horse and wagon," Lucy said to People Magazine. "People came around at 4:00 and lit the lanterns on the street corners. Lamps were all we had to see by and do our homework, no electricity. It was difficult, but I survived!"


Lucy got married in 1928 at the age of 23 to Joseph Trecasse. They were married for 52 years until he passed away in 1980. Lucy still remembers how they first got together.

"He asked my girlfriend how old I was, he thought I wasn't old enough to party!" Lucy recalled. "He finally got up nerve enough to ask me to a date. He said he was off on Wednesday afternoon and that he was free to take me on a ride in the country. I think he had an automobile, one of the few."

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