This Lucky Horse Got Saved from A Heartbreaking End

Not every horse is created equal. Some just have a little more spunk, which can get them into a whole lot of trouble in the world of humans.

According to Little Things, Max the horse was scared of everyone, and spent most of his life wary of human touch or movement.

His wild instincts gave him the reputation of an aggressive, mean-spirited horse. Max's owner wanted to shoot him and be done with the whole thing.

But a local farmer named Mike stopped by the stable and Max actually let him scratch between his ears. That was unheard of before this moment. Mike decided to train Max immediately to save him from the bullet.

It was going fine -- for a while.

One day a horsefly spooked Max, and the horse managed to unknowingly kick Mike in the gut. As Mike says, "He kicked me right out of my stinkin' riding boots."

He was lying on the ground in immense pain with severe internal damage for four hours before someone found him and took him to the hospital. The damage was so bad that the insurance company wanted to sue Max's owner for $170,000.

Mike wasn't going to give up on this misunderstood horse that easily. He told filmmakers, "I didn't want him to think that I was going to be afraid and I didn't want to show fear to him. I knew that it would ruin his opportunity to be unfeared." Instead, he bought Max and continued to work with him for the next 10 years to tame him and make his life better.

Now the duo is as close as can be. Max seems like a well-adjusted horse with his favorite person by his side. Check out the film by Natasha Scully to see the results.

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This Lucky Horse Got Saved from A Heartbreaking End