It’s a Miracle This Little Fawn Escapes Encounter With Mower [VIDEO]

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This little guy got LUCKY!

Posted by Crazy Bone Hunting on Wednesday, June 10, 2015


When mowing hay, farmers always have to be on the lookout for animals and other obstacles hiding in the fields.

Many times, they don't realize when there's something in the way until it's too late. Deer commonly hide their newborn fawns in tall grass to protect them while scavenging for food. Unfortunately, this can end tragically for the young deer, as they are almost impossible to spot before farmers begin taking their mowers to clear out the area.

In this case, there was a happy ending for both the farmer and the young fawn. In this video, a farmer explains that it's always important to keep an eye out when you're preparing to mow your hay. From atop his mower, the man pans down to the hay just inches from where his equipment just swept to reveal a tiny fawn laying in a circle in the grass. The deer was likely staying in the spot awaiting the return of its mother and seemed to have no idea just how close it came to a very unpleasant encounter with the mower. The video is a good reminder to farmers and all humans to keep a look out for these quiet and beautiful creatures that may be hiding where you least expect.

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It’s a Miracle This Little Fawn Escapes Encounter With Mower [VIDEO]