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Luby’s Famous Mac and Cheese is Now for Sale at H-E-B

Shoppers can add one more popular dish to their freezers in preparation for the holidays: Luby's mac and cheese. H-E-B is now selling the dish at 270 locations and it is already flying off the shelves.

Many people can probably relate to visiting Luby's after church on Sundays with the family because it's where grandma and grandpa always wanted to go. No one ever really complained, though, because the mac and cheese, fried okra and fried fish were worth the visit. 

Flickr/Social Woodlands
Flickr/Social Woodlands

The grocery chain began selling Luby's famous mac and cheese on Dec. 5 for $6.95 per package. There are two kinds currently available in 40 ounce packages: original and one with jalapeños (because us Texans usually like our food spicy!)

The release is just in time for Luby's 70th birthday. Robert Luby founded the famous cafeteria chain in 1947 in San Antonio. The parent company, Luby's Inc., also owns Fuddruckers and Cheeseburger in Paradise and is headquartered in Houston.

Luby's tweeted on Monday that customers have already bought out the stock of its mac and cheese at certain H-E-B locations.

"Keep looking though, more is on its way," Luby's posted.

The 70-year-old cafeteria chain and H-E-B will grow their partnership by including another fan favorite. "Square fish," the popular fried fish entree, will be released in 2017.

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Luby’s Famous Mac and Cheese is Now for Sale at H-E-B