These Loyal Pets Really Love Their Masters [VIDEO]

Man’s best friend is definitely a thing.

People who have never owned animals don’t really understand the bond. However, really loyal pets are a pretty awesome thing to witness. Especially when it’s clear how much they trust their masters. Don’t believe it? These videos will change your mind.

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1. Cat hugs


All you cat haters out there better eat your words. Some cats are very into snuggling.

2. Rats are pets too


If you’ve never thought of rats as decent pets, think again. This little guy clearly loves the attention.

3. Loyal until the end


This sweet pup stayed close to his master until the end.

4. “Not without me!”


This little guy is not letting his owner out of his sight. He’s also in great shape.

5. Dogs mourn sometimes


This is heart wrenching – some dogs do have human emotions.

6. A perfect welcome home gift


This german shepherd definitely knows his master’s scent.

7. Dog protection


Cooper should get a lot of treats for this good deed.

8. Cat fight


Dogs are suppose to be tougher than cats… right? Clearly not all the time.

9. Lion or kitten?


Who said lions were mean anyway? This sweet cat just wants a hug from his master.

10. The best baby guardian


Bullies beware: this cat is on the lookout.

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These Loyal Pets Really Love Their Masters [VIDEO]