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Facebook/Denis Malafeyev

Loyal Dog Protected His Injured Friend From Oncoming Trains for Two Days

It's no secret that Ukraine has harsh, cold winters. A pair of dogs faced the challenge of a lifetime when the female of the duo faced injury and even death. She huddled between some rural train tracks, unable to move or escape such a desolate and unrelenting location. But, her friend stayed by her side and stood guard without fail.

Facebook user Denis Malafeyev posted a series of videos of the two dogs on the train tracks. The footage is heartwarming and heart-wrenching all at once, which makes for an interesting emotional experience. Internet videos have a hard time accomplishing that anymore.

In one video the two dogs huddle on the tracks as a high-speed train raced over their heads. The male dog even snuggles up to her, which might be the most heartrending part of the whole video.

In another video, he stands guard over her as she remains huddled on the ground and snowflakes slowly fall over her back. The footage has racked up millions of views on Facebook.


According to People, the two companions probably knew each other long before the injured female got stuck on the tracks. And Malafeyev told The Sun, "The male dog was doing this for two days in a row. Think about it. He was keeping her warm. I don't know what to call this: instinct, love, friendship, loyalty? I know one thing; not all people can do that!"

Thankfully, this story comes with a happy ending. Humans rescued this loyal pair of dogs and administered medical care to them. Apparently, the two dogs have been adopted and now go by the names Panda and Lucy.

Malafeyev even posted a final photo of the two tough dogs after they escaped from the train tracks.

Their new owners definitely have loyal companions in their lives. Let's hope these two live out the rest of their lives together.

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