Remember That Sweater Snoop Gave Willie? Here’s Where You Can Get One

Willie Nelson/All Blue Tees

Remember last year when Willie Nelson showed off the super awesome ugly Christmas sweater he got from Snoop Dogg? Well we know where you can get one of your own.

Last Christmas country legend Willie Nelson shared an image on social media of him wearing a sweater given to him by the rapper.

The Christmas sweater featured a pot leaf decorated like a Christmas tree with the words "Smoke Weed Everyday".

If you thought that was pretty funny, and you want one of your own, you can get it from All Blue Tees. It starts at 27.99 and comes in red (as shown) as well as green, black, blue and grey.

Snoop and Willie are both prominent and outspoken pot smokers, so it's not surprising that they're friends, despite differences in age and musical genre.

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Snoop even told a hilarious story on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon about a time on 4/20 when he and Willie went to get KFC after smoking together in Amsterdam. And if you can handle that story, then your capacity for awesome is higher than mine.

So if you want to be just as cool as Willie Nelson at your Ugly Sweater Christmas Party, check out Willie's pot sweater. Maybe just don't wear it to your office party.

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Remember That Sweater Snoop Gave Willie? Here’s Where You Can Get One