Every Serious Pizza Lover Needs This Personal Stovetop Oven

One meal, less than 20 minutes: preheat in 10 minutes, cook perfect pizza in six minutes, consume in two.

Put the take-out menus away and invest in something more delicious. The Pizzacraft Stovetop Pizza Oven delivers the freshness of pizza from scratch without you having to wait the allotted thirty to forty-five minutes, so they say.

The stovetop pizza oven is made of a steel base with a cordierite pizza stone with steel hoods that cooks on your gas stovetop. The inside of the oven reaches around 600 degrees, and quickly, too.

The best thing behind this appliance is that the oven preheats in ten minutes while the pizza cooks in six.

A little math, and that means you only have to wait sixteen minutes before devouring your 12-inch Italian masterpiece.

If you purchase this must-have pizza oven, you will save $85 along with receiving free-shipping making the total cost of this item just $104.95.

Spice up your date night or family night with this fun DIY tool that brings the fresh smell of sauce and cheese into your home!

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