Love Is in the Air (Literally) in New Orleans

Words of inspiration and hope have been seen written across the skies of New Orleans.

Earlier this week, words and symbols of inspiration appeared in the skies above New Orleans, Louisiana. Photos and videos flooded social media of the words "LOVE," "FAITH," "PRAY," "FREEDOM," "RELAX" and "JAZZ" being scrawled across the skies. A smiley face and a heart symbol have also been spotted

So who is responsible for these uplifting additions to the New Orleans skyline? According to WDSU, local businessman Frank Scurlock commissioned the skywriting as a reminder to do good things and appreciate one another.

"There's a lot of goodness, and people tend to forget that," Scurlock told WDSU. "We want to remind people it's better to be good."

Scurlock's father is the inventor of the inflatable "bounce house," which has brought joy to kids and adults alike since its invention in the 80s. Scurlock says he plans to keep the skywriting efforts going through at least Monday, May 4.

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Love Is in the Air (Literally) in New Orleans