Video Captures Dramatic Flood Rescue in Baton Rouge

CBS News

The current Louisiana flooding has already destroyed thousands of homes and claimed the lives of four people. There have also been some 20,000 rescues since Friday, like this harrowing one caught on camera over the weekend in Baton Rouge. Fortunately, this rescue had a happy ending and shows the resolve of the people of Louisiana.

When a group of men saw a car drowning and a woman calling out for help, they snapped into action. As the soft-top convertible began submerging in the flood waters, the men attempted to break the window before cutting open the fabric top. One brave man, David Phung, jumped into the water to pull the woman out by her arm. He was even able to save her little dog.

Six rivers in the state have reached historically high levels, and the flooding is not over yet. Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards warned residents, "The water's going to rise in many areas. It's no time to let the guard down."

Meteorologist Kevin Roth elaborated, explaining, "The flooding isn't over because all the water that's upstream has to flow downstream. The river and the creeks will probably continue to rise.

FEMA has begun assessing the damage in the southern part of the state, and water and food are now being distributed to displaced survivors at local shelters.

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Video Captures Dramatic Flood Rescue in Baton Rouge