Lost Dog Reunites With His Family 9 Years Later [WATCH]


If you’re an animal lover, get the tissues ready. The story of Boozer the boxer’s long journey home is one that will hit your right in the heart.

Lloyd Goldston’s puppy Boozer went missing during his move from Tennessee to Alabama nine years ago. According to KUSA-TV, Boozer was found and taken care of by a boxer rescue group, which eventually placed him in a loving new home in Colorado.

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After a few years, Boxer’s new family had to move into a building that didn’t allow dogs and was forced to place him in the Foothills Animal Shelter. When he arrived, the staff checked his microchip and traced it back to Goldston.

Goldston’s family was overwhelmed with excitement when they learned of Boozer’s whereabouts. They had kept a photo album full of pictures with Boozer and held out hope they would see him again one day. The family drove for 18 hours from Alabama to Colorado to be reunited with their beloved pet.

Their meeting was caught on camera and Goldston is visibly moved by Boozer’s excited greeting.

“He was never gone,” Goldston said. “He was always in our hearts. We never forgot him.”

Aren’t happy endings the best?

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Lost Dog Reunites With His Family 9 Years Later [WATCH]