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Lorrie Morgan: 'I Really Don't Even Know What Country Music is Anymore'

In a revealing new interview with Florida Today, Lorrie Morgan shared some tough words about the current state of modern country music.

"I really don't even know what country music is anymore," Morgan, daughter of singer George Morgan and a talented artist in her own right, says. Though she's a fan of pop music, she adds, she's not a fan of how the two are hard to distinguish now. "If you are going to be in the country category and call yourself a country artist, then stick with it."

Morgan also broke the news that she and Pam Tillis have some music in the works. The two plan to hit the studio and record a "traditional country album," which should delight fans. Morgan and Tillis also collaborated in 2013 on Dos Divas.

For Lorrie Morgan, country music came almost as a birthright. She made her first appearance at the Grand Ole Opry at age 13. She eventually became the youngest artist to join the Opry. Since then, she sold more than 6 million albums.

But not everything about the present bugs Morgan. For instance, she's a big fan of social media. "It allows me now to build a relationship with the fans and gives me greater contact directly with them," she says. "It allows people to know me a little better now."

Even though, she admits, she's not the most computer savvy person. Morgan has nearly 15 studio albums under her belt ever since her first minor success in the late 1970s.

She notched minor hits throughout her career, such as "Don't Go Changing" in 1984. But Morgan's career has always been more about consistency than big hits here and there. She landed first No. 1 single "Five Minutes" in 1990 and followed that up with her first platinum album, Something In Red in 1991.

Most recently, Morgan released a solo album in 2016, titled Letting Go... Slow.

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