Lori McKenna
Screengrab via YouTube

Watch Lori McKenna's Reflective New Video for 'People Get Old'


As the writer behind country hits for Little Big Town, Tim McGraw and more, Lori McKenna has made a name for herself as one of the most respected and sought-after songwriters in country music. Now the singer-songwriter is preparing to release her 11th studio album, the Dave Cobb-produced The Tree (out July 20). The album's first single, "People Get Old," is a pensive look at McKenna's upbringing that pays tribute to her father. And the recently released video for the song is a tearjerker fit for McKenna's unflinching and intimate lyrics.

The clip features McKenna flipping through an old photo album and wandering through an old house as she reflects on her childhood, from her dad's old watch and billfold to summer fishing trips.

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The Tree will follow the many ways we're shaped by our families. And in true Lori McKenna fashion, "People Get Old" is far from the only song on the album that will make you tear up or want to call your closest family member.

"Most of the other songs that are on there connect to me as family in one way or another," McKenna told Billboard. "I really learned a lot about how I see my family and my role in it. It's funny what songs will teach us."

The Tree is the follow-up to McKenna's 2016 album The Bird and the Rifle. You can currently catch McKenna on tour across the U.S.

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