Loretta Lynn Waxes on Women’s Struggles in Country Music


In a new interview, country legend Loretta Lynn explains why she believes becoming a country star is harder for women.

The 83-year-old recounted her experiences to Billboard recently, telling us how hard it was to be a woman in the ’60s who juggled both her prospering country music career along with duties as a new mother and wife.

“When I started singing, there weren’t that many women singing, I’m probably one of the girl singers who have helped other girl singers getting in the business, because it is harder for girls to get on labels and be out there,” Lynn explained.

“For me, [the reason] was being married and having one kid after another. I had twins when I just started singing. We didn’t know we were going to have twins until the day they were born. I think it’s harder on a woman than it is a man,” Lynn says. “I really do.”

Although Lynn may have dealt with more hurdles in Nashville than maybe her male counterparts did, she still managed to release a whopping 55 career albums to date. In that span, Lynn has also written hundreds of  timeless songs, while managing to become one of the biggest stars in country music history.

Not bad for a lady.

“I look back and see the artists I’d met when I’d first come to Nashville, and they haven’t been on the road in 30 years,” Lynn says. “I’m still hitting that road and doing as much as I always did. I never drank, I never smoked. I always took care of myself like that. I’ve been singing for a long time. And I haven’t quit.”

Even still, the icon has no intentions of slowing down any time soon.

“When they lay me down six feet under, [then] they can say, “Loretta’s quit singing.” I’ll have on one of my gowns. That’s morbid, but it’s the truth.”

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Loretta Lynn Waxes on Women’s Struggles in Country Music