Loretta Lynn Shares an Intimate Recording of ‘Whispering Sea’

Loretta Lynn’s long career includes dozens of songs about heartache, disappointment and longing. Her newest song, “Whispering Sea,” proves she can still belt out the saddest of the sad at 83.

Lynn’s video for “Whispering Sea” isn’t a splashy affair filled with costumes and special effects. Instead, it captures the in-studio recording process. It also demonstrates the still-powerful lilt of her vocals.

The camera hovers next to her while her voice wafts into the microphone. The only other accompaniment for this mournful song of lost love is a quietly strumming guitar.

The video also gives a peek into the Cash Cabin Studio in Hendersonville, Tenn. where she recorded the album.

Halfway through the recording she clears her throat and skips a few lyrics. At the end she laughs, “That was an accident, wasn’t it?”

Patsy Lynn Russell and John Carter Cash produced this epic album after a 10-year hiatus. It includes tracks from the old mountain songs of her youth in Kentucky to soulful gospel tunes.

Here’s to hoping Lynn shares more of her recording process with us in the near future:

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Loretta Lynn Shares an Intimate Recording of ‘Whispering Sea’