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Loretta Lynn on El Paso and Dayton Shootings: 'This Hatred Isn't Us'

Trust Loretta Lynn to respond to national tragedies with the same non-partisan common sense she inserts into her songs.

On Sunday (Aug. 4), Lynn lived up to expectations with her impassioned Facebook post about last weekend's two mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio.

"Now Dayton. It's too much for any heart," she wrote. "I think of the mommas, the husbands, the wives, the children. I've crisscrossed this country singing. I've been to the big cities and the tiniest county fairs in America. In every place, I saw her goodness and her beautiful people. I love them all. This hatred isn't us. It has to stop. Let's pray for El Paso and Dayton and for the country I love with all my heart."

On Saturday morning, 20 people were killed and 26 more were injured during a mass shooting at an El Paso, Texas Walmart. The 21-year-old suspect reportedly targeted immigrants in what's being treated as an act of domestic terrorism. Within 13 hours, a gunman in Dayton, Ohio named Connor Betts killed nine people and injured at least 26 in 30 seconds before being gunned down by police.

Lynn wasn't the only country star with a no-nonsense approach to what's being reported as the 250th and 251st mass shooings of 2019. As of today (Aug. 5), we're only 219 days into the year.

Charlie Daniels referred to the acts in Dayton as "Satanic," while The Oak Ridge Boys offered prayers for "a pathway to understanding in dealing with people who would do us harm." Among younger and less conservative artists, Maren Morris pleaded for common sense reform and Kacey Musgraves thanked fans still brave enough to attend festivals in the face of not just these incidents but also the 2017 shootings at Las Vegas' Route 91 Harvest Festival.