Loretta Lynn is Writing Songs Again After Suffering Stroke

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The Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville opens a new exhibit Friday dedicated to country music legend Loretta Lynn. Although the singer herself couldn't make it to yesterday's preview party, her family says she's recovering well after suffering a stroke in May.

The 85-year-old singer has been resting and undergoing therapy to aid in her recovery. Her daughter, Patsy, went in her place, bringing with her both of Lynn's wedding rings. The rings were a gift from her late husband Oliver "Doolittle" Lynn.

"She took them off her finger and gave them to me today ... It's kind of like she gets to go through [the exhibit] with me." Patsy Lynn Russell told People magazine. "It took her so long to get one, I think he felt she deserved two."

Though Lynn wasn't able to attend, plenty of other country stars attended in her honor, such as Brandy Clark, Kacey Musgraves and Margo Price. All of the singers commented that Lynn had an impact on all their careers.

Musgraves famously sang with Lynn at the CMA Awards in 2014 sporting an absolutely enormous coif of vintage Loretta-inspired hair.

Fans need not worry about Lynn, though. Her kids say she's healing up really well.

"It's amazing to see the will and fire she has inside. Nothing can get her down, and nothing will get her down. She's still witty," Russell said. "She's still very sharp. She's still very funny. When I went over there last week she said she's writing songs and playing the guitar, so it's really awesome to get to see that."

The main issue Lynn is currently working on is her balance. She has been doing extensive physical therapy to help her with that.

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Loretta Lynn is Writing Songs Again After Suffering Stroke