Loretta Lynn Says She Saw Johnny Cash’s Ghost in Studio

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In life, Johnny Cash was a huge fan and supporter of Loretta Lynn. The two were also close friends and had many things in common. Take, for instance, their shared ability to revolutionize the country music industry and make it into what we see today.

Because of her great respect for the Man in Black, Lynn reached out to his son, John Carter Cash as she was preparing to record her latest album, Full Circle, to help with the project. She even recorded this album in the same studio where Cash recorded most of his music, Cash Cabin Studio.

During an interview with Garden and Gun, Lynn discussed her experience working in that studio for the first time. When asked whether she felt the presence of Johnny Cash in the studio, Lynn said that his ghost had walked in the door while she was recording one of his songs.

"I was standing at the microphone singing, and the door opened from the control room into where I was recording and in walked John. I didn't think anything of it because I was so used to seeing him; we were such good friends. He had one of those gray uniforms on from the Civil War and all of a sudden it hit me: Lord, that was Johnny Cash. I quit singing. His son came in and kind of laughed at me, but I told him Johnny came in and walked through that door. That shook me up. I don't think anyone believed me, so I didn't say anything more about it. Everyone thought that old Loretta's seeing things again!"

Seeing the ghost of Johnny Cash is probably something a lot of country singers would love to experience while recording a new album. Even though Loretta was shaken by the ordeal, it's safe to say that Cash probably loved what she was doing and simply wanted a closer look at his old friend.

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Loretta Lynn Says She Saw Johnny Cash’s Ghost in Studio