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10 Items Every 'Gilmore Girls' Fan Needs to Re-create Lorelai Gilmore's Cozy Wardrobe This Fall

She's the ultimate fall wardrobe inspiration.

Autumn is Gilmore Girls season. This is an undeniable fact of life. No matter what climate you're living in come Sept. 22, you can hop on Netflix and instantly be transported to a quaint New England community where coffee is a major food group and you can never have enough fashionable coats.

The series may span all four seasons, but fall is undoubtedly when the fictional town of Stars Hollow really comes to life. Sure, it could be the picturesque scenery surrounding that gazebo or the abundance of quirky small-town festivals. But we have another theory as to why the show's autumnal episodes were (and still are) so special: Lorelai Gilmore's wardrobe.

From those cozy beanies to her seemingly never-ending rotation of chic outerwear, the quick-witted single mom is one of TV's most iconic trendsetters. She singlehandedly mastered the art of effortless layering, always giving off the vibe that she just threw on whatever was closest and, somehow, it worked.

In reality, piecing together a look that's thrown together without being too sloppy requires quite a bit of finesse. So, if you plan on cosplaying as Stars Hollow's favorite resident this season, there are certain pieces that every self-respecting GG fan needs in their wardrobe to achieve the ultimate Lorelai look.

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