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What on Earth are Long-Neck Avocados?

Did a spaceship land on earth and drop off these green pods? It might look like it, but these 'long-neck' avocados are one of the many fruits available from Miami Fruit, an online tropical fruit stand based in Miami, Florida. The fruit, which is now going viral online, is one of 50 different varieties of avocado that grow in South Florida. It looks like your avocado toast breakfast just got a little bit more unique.

What is a Long-Neck Avocado?

Known scientifically as Persea americana "Russell", this heirloom variety grows in small pockets of South Florida as well as the Caribbean Islands. The green fruits are not commercially grown, making them rare to find.

Up to 13 inches in length, the non-gmo fruit features a smooth and glossy skin with a thick and creamy flesh. High in moisture and almost with a melting quality, the long-neck avocado produces more avocado than a normal Hass variety.

Not found in the grocery store, the long-neck avocado is available in a special long-neck avocado box. When the fruit is not in season you can be added to a wait list to ensure the highest quality. The avocado may also be included in the avocado variety box, which includes selections from the different varieties local farms have on hand. Miami Fruit recommends buying a large box instead of a small box due to shipping prices. The shipping rate is the same for all boxes, making it a better deal to buy a larger quantity.

Additional Exotic Fruits For Sale at Miami Fruit 

Along with avocados, Miami sells a large array of seasonal fruits including a variety box weighing 8-12 pounds. Some boxes may include these exotic picks:

Dragon Fruit

Available in either red or white, dragonfruit (or pitaya) is a native fruit to Mexico which grows on a cactus vine.

Mamey Sapote

With a flavor that almost tastes like sweet potato and pumpkin pie, the mamey sapote is great served in a smoothie.


Native to South and Central America, the soursop is described as a mix between a strawberry and a pineapple.


Known as the brown sugar fruit, the sapodilla has a soft and grainy flesh that tastes like malt.


Did you know jackfruit is the largest fruit in the world? Used as an alternative to meat, jackfruit is gaining popularity in the national market and can be purchased in cans.

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