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The 10 Best Lonestar Songs

Since 1995, country music band Lonestar has been releasing quality country songs. Richie McDonald, Michael Britt, Dean Sams and Keech Rainwater comprise the group with nine No. 1 hits to their name.

Songs like "Unusually Unusual," "Tequila Talkin'," "Everything's Changed," "Say When" and "Heartbroke Every Day" have kept the band consistently on the country charts, making them one of the most well-known groups in the genre. Their greatest hits album even included a cover of the popular song "Walking in Memphis."

Between unreleased album cuts like "Somebody's Someone," "Does Your Daddy Know About Me," "John Doe on a John Deere" and "T.G.I.F" and adding a little country twang to the holiday season with their renditions of "This Christmas Time," "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas," "Santa Claus is Coming to Town," and "Winter Wonderland," Lonestar solidified their position as one of Nashville's most successful country bands of the last 30 years.

Despite all of their quality tracks, we've narrowed it down to the ten best Lonestar songs.

1. "No News"

The second single from their debut album Lonestar, "No News," was a number one hit on the country charts. Every little thing about this song makes it catchy and fun to sing along with — even 20 years later. The song follows the narrator, who's lover has disappeared. He outlines some possibilities of where she went since he has "no news" of her whereabouts.

2. "Come Cryin' to Me"

Released in 1997, this was the band's first single from their second album Crazy Nights. This was the second number one hit for Lonestar and the first song co-written by band member John Rich. Rich later left the band to pursue his own career (Big & Rich). The sweet ballad focuses on the narrator singing to a woman who he hopes to comfort once she leaves her lousy relationship.

3. "Amazed"

From the 1999 album Lonely Grill"Amazed" is easily the band's greatest hit of all time. Though the album's lead single "Saturday Night" didn't make the top 40, "Amazed" spent eight weeks at number one. Bear with me here; I know that this is one of their most popular songs, and we've all heard it a million times, but it's a classic. It even hit number 2 on the Billboard Hot Adult Contemporary chart. You should also listen to the acoustic version because it lets the lyrics shine.

4. "What About Now"

The fourth single from Lonely Grill spent four weeks at the top of the country charts. The country-pop song is another incredibly likable song from the group and is one of those songs that you've most likely heard even if you don't regularly listen to the band. This love song has the narrator singing to a potential lover, asking her to take a chance on him.

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5. "Tell Her"

The final single from the band's wildly successful album Lonely Grill, "Tell Her," was the band's sixth number one hit. The ballad's narrator is advising a friend who is having relationship troubles.

6. "I'm Already There"

Co-written by lead singer Richie McDonald for the band's 1997 album of the same name, "I'm Already There" was their seventh No. 1 hit. The emotional ballad sheds light on the pain that comes with a long-distance relationship. In 2003, the band released a new version of their music video to pay tribute to members of the military and the pain they experience while separated from their families.

7. "My Front Porch Looking In"

Another song that was co-written by McDonald, this number one hit gives you all the country feels with that fiddle in the background. The first single from From There to Here: Greatest Hits in 2003 stands up as a classic Lonestar song. The narrator sings about how the most beautiful thing to him is looking at his wife and children at home.

8. "Mr. Mom"

The second single from Let's Be Us Again was another number one hit from the group. The album itself was also successful with other hits like "Class Reunion" and "Let Them Be Little." Plus, the music video features a cartoon story following the shenanigans of daily dad life.

9. "Not A Day Goes By"


Released in 2003, "Not a Day Goes By" was the third single from I'm Already There. The ballad peaked at number 3 on the charts and follows the course of a painful breakup.

10. "Runnin' Away With My Heart"

The fourth track from their debut album may have peaked at No. 8 on the charts, but I think it's under-appreciated. The song follows the narrator, who is trying to win back his love who is leaving him. It's an irresistibly catchy tune with a classic country sound that makes it a must-listen.

Honorable Mention Tracks: "Amie," "I Love the Way You Do That," "Class Reunion (That Used to Be Us)," "I Pray," "Somebody's Someone," "I'll Die Tryin," "Doghouse" and "You Walked In"

This story previously ran on May 1, 2020.

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