Lonestar Returns with Uplifting New Video for 'Never Enders'

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In the 1990s, there were few country music groups as popular as Lonestar. Thanks to hits like "Amazed" and "No News," the group became a constant figure on the country charts until the early 2000s. After taking a hiatus as a band, the members reunited to record their 10th studio album Never Enders, which was released late last month.

The group has just released the video for their record's title track, which is a sort of theme song for their expansive career. The uplifting clip shows the band as they travel through town in their Cadillac, encountering an array of determined and brave "never enders" along the way.

The track features the same sound (led by lead singer Richie McDonald's incredible voice) and heartfelt sentiment that has won the band acclaim for many years. Longtime fans and those who are looking for something inspiring to motivate them through tough times are sure to connect with "Never Enders."

The group will be busy on the touring circuit through the rest of 2016 in support of their new record. They'll hit a variety of state fairs and music festival across the country this summer. You can find a full list of tour dates on their official website.

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Lonestar Returns with Uplifting New Video for 'Never Enders'