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Song Premiere: LoneHollow Delivers a Stirring Southern-Rock Murder Ballad on 'Not Today'


Americana duo LoneHollow, made up of Rylie Bourne and Damon Atkins, comes out swinging with the electrifying murder ballad "Not Today," the debut single from their forthcoming self-titled EP.

The Southern gothic tale is a stellar introduction to the duo and their bluegrass, Southern rock and blues roots.

"This could all go down in smoke / I'm good either way," Bourne sings. "If Jesus is coming back / I hope it's not today."

"Once we wrote this tune with Will Jones, we knew we had to cut it. Sonically, it represents how we hoped LoneHollow would be introduced to the world," the band says. "It's a melting pot of the two of us. Every once in a while, a song comes out exactly how we hear it in our heads. Why not come out of the gate with an upbeat murder ballad?"


Listen to "Not Today" below

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"Basically anything I play comes from a Southern rock or blues background; if I had to give myself something that's sort of a signature, I'd like to think it would be slide guitar and Southern rock riffs," Atkins says. "But Rylie, and her dad, have taught me a tremendous amount about bluegrass over the past few years."


The EP was recorded in Nashville at Farmland Studios with producers David Dorn and Alex Torrez.

"There is a bit of a traditional, lonesome sound that we maintain with Rylie's vocals, but we also aren't a bluegrass band," Atkins says. "The first time I listened to the finished EP all the way through I thought to myself, 'What the hell would you call this?' I think the fact we really don't have an answer for that means it's original."

The duo met after attending a post-college intensive music business program.

"This collection of songs just highlights every aspect of our sound, the new and improved version of who we are," Bourne says.


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