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Watch 3 Fearless Guys Ride a Logging Machine Like a Rodeo Bull

What do you get when you cross a few fearless guys, a logging machine and a saddle? A terrifying stunt that involves attempting to ride a log like a rodeo bull while getting whipped around in midair.

To answer you question: yes, this is as dangerous and scary as it sounds. So, why exactly would someone do such a thing? For the internet, of course. The stunt, named the "Forest Machine Rodeo," is part of a four-part web series in Finland.

To start, the series hosts harvested a tree, which was a simple feat for the insanely powerful piece of forest machinery. Then, they attached a saddle, because apparently riding mechanical bulls are not enough of a thrill for these guys.

The experiment yielded lots of screaming, white-knuckle grips and some wild video footage. Watch the daredevils battle the forest machine in the video below.

The series seeks to bring together Finnish innovations, like the specific Ponsse logging machine used in the video, with a little bit of chaos. You gotta give some major creativity points to whoever initially came up with the idea to ride a log like a bull.

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To follow along with these dudes' crazy adventures or watch other episodes, you can subscribe to their YouTube channel here.

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