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LoCash Cover Oak Ridge Boys' 'Bobbie Sue' at the Opry

LoCash took a few minutes at the Grand Ole Opry to honor the Oak Ridge Boys, putting their own energetic spin on the classic "Bobbie Sue."

LoCash's live shows are high-energy, and they keep that crazy energy during this impressive cover. This showed the Opry crowd that the fun duo can do more than just play party songs. Even though that's true, Chris Lucas and Preston Burst have a blast performing "Bobbie Sue" and the audience did, too.

"I'm gonna need your help out here," Burst told the crowd. "So everybody get your hands going." Burst tapped his duo partner before they started the upbeat track.

Burst broke away from the mic stand to give his charismatic energy to the crowd. Even though Lucas stayed to play lead guitar, that didn't slow him down. It's hard to watch this Oak Ridge Boys cover and not want to sing or dance along.



"Bobbie Sue" features those low, unique vocals from Oak Ridge Boys' Richard Sterban. On this particular track he sings, "B-Bob / B-Bob" in his signature deep vocals. What's most impressive about LoCash's cover is Burst's ability to tackle those notes in his own way.

If you want some original LoCash, check out their new video for their single, "Ring on Every Finger."

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