Local Honey Could Save You From Severe Seasonal Allergies

As we get further into the springtime season, more and more of us are struggling with seasonal allergies. The struggle of dealing with itchy, red eyes and sniffly noses every single day can drive anyone to the brink of sanity. According to one experienced beekeeper, there may be a way of stifling allergy symptoms while supporting local honey harvesters.

Paul Hekimian believes that consuming locally grown raw honey can help residents fight back against allergies. Watch the video below to hear him explain how honey can save you from sneezing all season long.

Bees in your neighborhood pollinate plants from the surrounding area. If you consume honey harvested from those bees, you are giving yourself small amounts of exposure to those allergens. This in turn can help you build up a tolerance, which may lessen your allergy symptoms over time.

"It does help them, the kids and parents. And they tell me it's really helping their allergies," Hekimian told CBS 4. "The bees are pollinating on the things that you're allergic to. So the theory is, if you're going to eat the honey that's in your local environment, it will help offset those allergies. Ask yourself, from my house what's the five-mile radius and find a bee keeper within that range that's selling their local honey."

It's a win-win scenario for allergy sufferers who like to keep a little bit of sweetness in their diet while supporting local businesses.

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Local Honey Could Save You From Severe Seasonal Allergies