Canadian Market Offering Free Land and a Job to Anyone Willing to Relocate


One local Canadian market is offering a pretty unique incentive to potential employees. The Farmer's Daughter in Whycocomagh, Nova Scotia is looking to hire people who would like to move to the quaint town and work for them. In exchange, they will provide two free acres of woodland on top of an hourly wage.

Sisters Sandee MacLean and Heather Coulombe are the current owner's of The Farmer's Daughter. They have big dreams and goals for their Cape Breton market and bakery, but they need more employees. MacLean and Coulombe have struggled in finding help because many people have moved away from the area. Finally, they decided to try a different approach to draw people in. Needless to say, it worked.

"Cape Breton is amazing but our population is decreasing," they shared on Facebook. "Corporate development has been seen as the solution in the past but that often comes at the expense of our environment. We think there is a better way."

Maclean has a sprawling 197 acres of land, so the decision to offer land to new hires just made sense. New employees would also have access to MacLean's farmland and other resources on the property.

The sisters are looking for people who truly want to immerse themselves into the community and help grow it. MacLean and Coulombe are seeking people who are "looking to live a simpler life, close to nature, in an area that still believes in community meals and weekly jam sessions," according to their initial Facebook post about the opportunity.

New hires are free to live on the land for five years while working at The Farmer's Daughter. After that time, they will have the ability to transfer the acres into their name for just the cost of the ownership change.

They have hired three people so far out of a pool of some 3,500 applicants. But there's still a chance if you are one of the hopefuls! They'll be hiring three or four more people for spring 2017.

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Canadian Market Offering Free Land and a Job to Anyone Willing to Relocate