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This Luxury Forest Tent Will Make You Want to Live More Simply


Bryce Langston of Living Big In a Tiny House chose an alternative living space while he worked on constructing a new tiny house for himself. He fell in love with the Lotus Belle tent house and decided to make it his temporary humble abode.

The Lotus Belle tent home is both high-quality and affordable, and it actually looks like it'd be pretty cool to live in. With all the amenities you could ever need, the tent home is like going glamping 24/7.

Inside the tent, there is a kitchenette made from old sideboard. Bryce simply cut a hole in it for a sink and added basic plumbing. There's also a mini-chest fridge to hold all of the basics.

For those cool nights, a wood-burning Traveler's stove keeps the tent nice and toasty while also doubling as a stove top. A small thermoelectric fan helps to distribute heat throughout the tent. Power inside the tent comes from a solar panel.

The coolest part of all? The bathroom! Built tiki-style, the bathroom is accessed by walking over a rope bridge. With a canvas umbrella roof and bamboo walls, it offers just enough privacy and makes you feel like you're in a tree house in the middle of the jungle. The bathroom has warm running water and a composting toilet.

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This Luxury Forest Tent Will Make You Want to Live More Simply