Live Nation Source Responds to Meghan Linsey's Sexual Assault Claim

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In a statement on her Facebook page earlier this month, country singer Meghan Linsey made some shocking claims. She shared that she was sexually assaulted by a powerful music executive. Now, Live Nation has made their own statement in response to the news that the assaulter was an employee. According to a source at the entertainment company, Linsey's story has no merit.

Linsey was a 2015 Voice contestant and one half of former country duo Steel Magnolia. She felt compelled to open up after Donald Trump's 2005 remarks about grabbing women were leaked. She made the statement on her private Facebook account, but gave Yahoo permission to share it.

"When I was touring with Steel Magnolia in 2010, a very powerful man in the music business grabbed up my skirt," Linsey explained. She says her attacker groped and later threatened her. Linsey claims that both her manager and Big Machine CEO Scott Borchetta advised her not to mention it again.

Linsey's ex-fiance and former Steel Magnolia bandmate, Joshua Scott Jones, spoke out on the matter. He took to Twitter to identify the assaulter as Live Nation's president of country, Brian O'Connell. However, according to Live Nation, that accusation doesn't hold water.

"I can tell you that there is absolutely, positively no merit to the claim," a Live Nation source anonymously told Taste of Country. "I hate to even give it the time, frankly, to talk about it, because it's just patently untrue." The source then questions Jones, saying, "I don't know why he pointed the finger at Brian, but I would just tell you to consider the source."

Borchetta has also previously denied the validity of Linsey's claims. "Meghan Linsey is a highly regarded former member of the Big Machine Label Group and we would never condone, let alone silence an artist on this label who experienced this kind of behavior," he told Fox411 Country.

Linsey has yet to reply to statements made by anyone in response to her initial post.

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Live Nation Source Responds to Meghan Linsey's Sexual Assault Claim