The Little Texas Bar Is Deep in the Heart of Tokyo

There is a place in the heart of Tokyo where the stars at night remain big and bright.

The Little Texas Bar and Grill, located in the Meguro neighborhood of Tokyohas been providing Japanese, tourists and ex-pats the full Texas experience for 10 years.

Visitors can crack a cold one, dine on tacos, barbecue ribs and country fried steak, and listen to local Texas and country-influenced bands.

If you still want to have the Japanese experience, items such as sake and sushi are also available.


Owner Takeshi Yoshino has vintage wooden and neon signs throughout the establishment, paying tribute to the Lone Star State.

Such signs include one behind the bar that reads "Don't Mess With Texas", and a neon cowboy hat that pays tribute to the King of Country Music, George Strait.


In an interview with NPR, Yoshino said he was a former ramen shop owner and makes annual trips to the Lone Star state to bring back more memorabilia for his bar. Former Gov. Rick Perry even named him an honorary Texan.


While enjoying the atmosphere, make sure you take part in some cowboy karaoke or line dancing. Whether you're from a city as big as Houston or a small place like Loving County, this bar will be your other home, half a world away.


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The Little Texas Bar Is Deep in the Heart of Tokyo