Little Kids Give Amazing Dating Advice You Need to Hear

There can be a lot of hesitation when it comes to asking someone out, but in this adorable video by Canoodle Content, kids give out some pretty insightful advice to help out their adult counterparts.

When asked whether or not to text or call to invite someone out on a date, the kids responded with their own logical and inquisitive answers from emoji use in texts to waiting a week or two after a first date to call again.

It’s interesting to see how opinions differ with each kid asked, but no matter what their answer, all of them backed up their reasoning with adorable and sometimes hilariously thought out words of wisdom.

The video, titled “Text or Call?” is the third in a new series titled, “Kids On” where kids give Toronto actor Dave Keystone dating and relationship advice. It’s the most popular segment so far with over 150,000 views in just 2 days.

New videos in the series will be released every Tuesday for your viewing pleasure. To hold you over for the next one, check out the “Text or Call?” episode below.

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Little Kids Give Amazing Dating Advice You Need to Hear