Little Kid is Utterly Terrified of Steven Tyler


It turns out that not everyone is a fan of Aerosmith rocker-turned-country artist Steven Tyler.

Vimeo user Chad McKnight shared a video last week to show that Tyler isn’t actually quite so popular with some members of the younger generation, especially his young son Cooper, who’s downright terrified of him.

McKnight posted a video of his son being visibly frightened when he caught a glimpse of Tyler’s Super Bowl 50 Skittles commercial on Feb. 26. The toddler adorably broke down in tears when he saw the “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” hitmaker on the TV screen.

“Our son is generally fearless, but he loses his mind whenever the skittles Steven Tyler commercial comes on. And we don’t blame him,” McKnight captioned the just over minute long video, joking “we’re hilarious parents.”

Tyler’s Skittles commercial first ran during Super Bowl 50 earlier this month and sees the former American Idol judge singing his 1973 hit “Dream On” with a portrait of himself made entirely out of the fruity candy.

We’re guessing little Cooper won’t want be buying Tyler’s upcoming country album anytime soon…

Watch Cooper freak out over Steven Tyler’s Skittles commercial in the Vimeo clip below;

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Little Kid is Utterly Terrified of Steven Tyler