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Little Caesar's Hot-N-Ready Pizza Is No Longer $5

Fumble in your pocket for some extra change, Little Caesar's Hot-N-Ready pizza is no longer $5 a pie, but $5.55 a pie! After 20+ years at the same price, it's a shock it is only a fifty-five cent price increase. But nevertheless, Little Caesars is still noted to be one of the most affordable pizza chains in the United States, beating out Domino's and Pizza Hut for a pizza of the same size.

How Does Hot-N-Ready Work?


Little Caesars

Introduced in 2004, Little Caesar's Hot-N-Ready was the first of its kind, making it possible for customers to pick up a Hot-N-Ready pepperoni pizza or cheese pizza without calling their order in ahead of time. Instead, the carry-out only pizza was baked and ready for pick up between 4-8 pm. For an affordable price, Little Caesars was quickly the pizzeria to run to whenever there was a pizza party at school.

The only downfall is that the pizza is not customizable. So if you are looking for a thin crust pizza loaded with green peppers, then you better call in your pizza order. The same goes for sides such as chicken wings.

The price change also comes with an addition of more toppings; 33% more pepperoni to be exact.

"Change is good when it comes to giving our customers more of what they love," said Jeff Klein, chief marketing officer at Little Caesars, "and we're changing our iconic HOT-N-READY Classic, adding 33% more savory, meaty pepperoni still at the country's most affordable price."

Keep a lookout for special deals that are only around for a limited time. A few years ago Little Caesars released their Hot-N-Ready $8 box set combo which included freshly baked Italian cheese bread paired with 4 slices of DEEP!DEEP! DISH PIZZA. It looks like this new pepperoni pizza with the increased pepperoni is here to stay though.