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Little Caesars Will Give Away Free Pizza Because 'Something Crazy Happened'

If you've been keeping a March Madness bracket, it should come as no surprise that this year has been filled with upsets. In fact, according to ESPN, not a single bracket of the 17.3 million uploaded to the site predicted this turn-out in the men's tournament. Even my personal bracket felt the hit like a high-flying air ball.

Cheering on the underdog, Little Caesars Pizza promoted on their twitter that if a #16 seed (The University of Maryland, Baltimore County) beat a #1 seed (The University of Virginia) the company would give out free lunch combos. Would something crazy happen?

In the entire history of the NCAA men's basketball tournament a 16-seeded team has never defeated a 1-seeded team. However this year that record was shattered like the back of a backboard after a dunk. While noted as one of the biggest madness upsets for brackets, it's fun to see an underdog defeat a team like the Virginia Cavaliers.

The game ended 74-54, with the promise of a free lunch combo. The crazy happened. According to their tweet, customers can visit a participating Little Caesars and receive a free 4-slice deep dish pizza with pepperoni and a 20-oz Pepsi-Cola product. The lunch is only available from 11:30 am to 1 pm on Monday April 2nd.

Twitter is absouletly loving this promotion. Check out what some tweeters have to say:

Some had some fun with the announcement.

While others were a bit confused.

Some were even joking around that Little Caesars knew that the chances were so small so they started the campaign knowing that it would be an unrealistic bet. Now the upper management is realizing that they have to give out pizza for free.

The deal is only available for about 90 minutes and includes free pizza for one member of your family. There is also the chance that some stores may not be participating as well.

We suggest calling up your local Little Caesars pizza chain and asking if they are participating. Then on April 2nd, line up earlier than 11:00 a.m. to ensure that pepperoni pizza and Pepsi product is all yours.

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