Little Boy Adorably Explains Texas’ Mosquito Problem

Every summer it seems Texas is swarmed by seasonal mosquitos. Recent rains have brought a lot of stagnant water and slightly cooler temperatures, which means this year’s mosquitos are even worse.

Not only are mosquitos getting worse, but some places are experiencing a shortage of mosquito repellent. And that creates the perfect storm of a mosquito nightmare.

This little boy in Lubbock adorably explained the problem to the KCDB local news team. He also had some advice for avoiding the annoying pests.

“My mom was cutting the yard,” says the little boy, “and they just came out there and just ate her!”

“They felt like a crocodile biting me,” he continues. He then takes a moment to show the crew what his mom tells him to do when he sees mosquitos, and takes off for a click little lap around the grocery aisle.

Decades ago, dry heat used to keep the mosquito problem in Lubbock from getting too bad. But it’s not just the increased number of mosquitos that led to the repellent shortage.

Many stores across the country are seeing mosquito repellent fly off the shelves as fears of the Zika virus spread. The virus is spread by mosquitos, and an outbreak likely stemming from Central America has some Texans on edge for the upcoming outdoor summer season.

“But anyway, those mosquitos are bigger than ever!” concludes the talkative tyke. We all feel your itchy pain, little boy. We all feel your pain.

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Little Boy Adorably Explains Texas’ Mosquito Problem