Little Big Town Reveal How Personal Tragedy Brought Them Closer Together

In a revealing new interview, the members of Little Big Town share how one member’s personal tragedy almost split up the group for good.

The band recently sat down for a segment with CBS Sunday Morning With Charles Osgood and discussed the many struggles that the band had to deal with before finally breaking through the country charts. Before their first hit, “Boondocks,” was released in 2006, both Phillip Sweet and Karen Fairchild divorced their spouses, while Kimberly Schlapman’s first husband, Steven, died of a heart attack in 2005.

“I didn’t know if she would sing again after Steve died,” Fairchild told CBS, according to Taste of Country. “There was so much sorrow in her eyes,” said Fairchild. “I kind of thought the band was over.”

Schlapman asked her bandmates to sing at her late husband’s funeral. When the performance began, Schlapman made the decision to join them in song. She says the moment was “probably the most spiritual experience of my life. It was like the spark of the healing that started.”

She credits the band’s long-term success to their close relationships and dedication to helping each other get through both the good and bad times, no matter what.

“And that bonds you in a way that just permeates the music then,” Schlapman said. “It’s like all this life we didn’t know how to sing some of those lyrics. And now we do, you know. We are a walking, breathing, living country song.”

The full interview with Little Big Town will air June 21 at 9 AM ET on CBS. The group is currently on the road with their Pain Killer Tour, which lasts through November. A full list of tour dates is available at their official website.

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Little Big Town Reveal How Personal Tragedy Brought Them Closer Together