Watch Little Big Town’s New Video for ‘Girl Crush’

Little Big Town reveals a sparse black-and-white video for their latest single, “Girl Crush.”

Country music videos tend to be big-budget productions, with splashy colors, story lines, trucks, girls in cutoff denim shorts, etc. Little Big Town’s new video for “Girl Crush” has none of those things and for good reason.

The song’s bare-bones arrangement lets lead singer Karen Fairchild deliver the masterfully written lyrics without distraction. So it’s fitting that video, filmed in black and white, is just a few shots of the band performing on a sound stage. So sit back, hit play and watch the band hypnotize you.

You might have heard some of the controversy surrounding this song lately. Last month, radio stations were supposedly pulling “Girl Crush” from their rotations because of complaints from listeners over the song’s alleged hidden gay agenda.

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Watch Little Big Town’s New Video for ‘Girl Crush’