Little Big Town Plays ‘Stranger Strings’ with Jimmy Fallon, Hilarity Ensues

Little Big Town are officially squad goals (did I say that right? I can’t keep up with the lingo). The Grammy-winning quartet recently sat down with serial celebrity game-player Jimmy Fallon. As it usually does on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, hilarity ensued.

The five played a game called “Stranger Strings.” And yes, the name comes from recent Netflix TV series phenomenon Stranger Things.

Here’s how it works. All five wrote down an unknown fact about themselves. Then, one of them reads it, and they all shoot silly string at the person they believe wrote it. But first! Safety goggles. As Fallon says, “Safety is sexy.” (Be sure to hang around for the Michael McDonald impression).

As you can tell, everybody thinks Kimberly Schlapman (the blonde woman of the four) is clearly more mischievous than she is. And here all she wanted people to know about herself was her ability to count to 10 in Korean!

Little Big Town later played their new single “Better Man” on the show. And, as Fallon promised Kimberly, it looks like they got all the silly string removed. (There was more ready to go below the table if the game came down to it).

Since their early struggles, Little Big Town has really flourished. The group recently won the CMA Award for Vocal Group of the Year for the fifth time in a row. Their new album The Breaker comes out Feb. 24.

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Little Big Town Plays ‘Stranger Strings’ with Jimmy Fallon, Hilarity Ensues