Little Big Town Goes Pop with Experimental New Single 'One of Those Days'

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Just hours after revealing details of their upcoming album, Little Big Town has given fans a taste of their new sound with "One of Those Days."

Although the group has made a habit out of pushing the limits of what many classify as appropriate in country music, their newest single may put some of their fans into a state of shock. When it was announced earlier today (May 24) that their upcoming album, Wanderlust, was produced and partially written by pop and R&B artist Pharrell, many fans hoped that it would result in something inspired.

While funky, repetitive beats and harmonies usually culminate into a catchy and danceable tune for artists like Justin Timberlake, the sound never seems to come together for Little Big Town.

Their usually stellar harmonies are blended down into the track, turning their voices into a sound effect that gets lost in the mix. The strange banjo twang that works into the beat doesn't manage to keep it country, and makes the track feel more like a parody of itself.

Most artists know that pushing into the pop world from country can be a slippy slope to failure, but that hasn't stopped Little Big Town from trying their hand at something new. Unfortunately, their attempt falls into the same fate as The Band Perry's recent single "Live Forever."

It's a brave move artistically, but is it worth the cost? Time will tell if fans embrace the project in the same way as their record-breaking single "Girl Crush," but it's a safe bet that "One of Those Days" will earn a good bit of criticism from hardcore country fans.

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Little Big Town Goes Pop with Experimental New Single 'One of Those Days'