Watch Little Big Town Cover 'Jolene' at the Grand Ole Opry

YouTube/Grand Ole Opry

Little Big Town may have gone pop for a little while, but they haven't shed their country roots. The Grand Ole Opry just released the group's live performance of "Jolene" from their performance on June 7. As expected, the band blew their version of Dolly Parton's classic hit out of the water.

Parton wrote "Jolene" herself and released it in 1973 on her album of the same name. Of all of Parton's iconic songs, this one has become the most widely covered. The White Stripes, Olivia Newton-John and even Parton's goddaughter, Miley Cyrus have all taken on "Jolene" at some point.

Incredible! Their haunting and flawless harmonies are simply beautiful in this slimmed-down cover. We would be perfectly fine with them releasing a full-length recording of this version.

The group also performed with Pharrell at the same Opry show earlier this summer. Pharrell produced their latest album Wanderlust -- a groovy pop album released June 10.

The quartet are a busy bunch! They're still touring with Luke Bryan on his Kill The Lights Tour and have more Opry performances scheduled for Sept. 27th and Oct. 18th. In addition to that, you can catch them in Spring 2017 in the Bahamas as part of Carnival's LIVE concert series.

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Watch Little Big Town Cover 'Jolene' at the Grand Ole Opry