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Listeria Scare Prompts Massive Hot Dog and Corn Dog Recall

Move over, Blue Bell Ice Cream. There’s a new listeria scare in town.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture issued a recall for five chicken and pork-based products made by Bar-S Foods. That amounts to — get this — more than 372,000 pounds worth of hot dogs and corn dogs. That easily tops one million individual wieners.

The USDA says the recall stems from recurring listeria issues within Bar-S Foods. The company sent in products for listeria testing. The results aren’t ready yet, but even the possible risk of contamination is more than enough to issue a recall. All of the hot dogs and corn dogs were manufactured between July 10th and July 13th.

The good news is that no customers have complained of illness yet. But after last year’s Blue Bell Ice Cream debacle, consumers take listeria seriously. Five people in Kansas contracted listeriosis after eating Blue Bell ice cream produced at the company’s Broken Arrow, Oklahoma plant. Three of the people died.

In a strange coincidence, Bar-S Foods also bases its operations out of Oklahoma.

Listeria attacks everybody, but some people need to be extra cautious. In particular, pregnant women, children, the elderly and people with weak immune systems face increased risks.

Blue Bell has since recovered, even releasing a new flavor last week. With baseball and summer grill outs in full swing, hungry folks will need to turn to a different brand of hot dogs for the time being.

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Listeria Scare Prompts Massive Hot Dog and Corn Dog Recall