Hear Toby Keith's New Single, 'A Few More Cowboys'

Toby Keith has released his brand new single "A Few More Cowboys," a song that is about as "Toby Keith-y" as they come.

The upbeat track has a political message and touches on controversial topics like the white house, crime and marijuana.

Keith opens up the song singing, "If the White House was in Texas, man, we'd get a straighter answer. If they'd let us smoke what we want, there'd be a lot less cancer." With more people adopting a cowboy mindset, Keith proclaims that there would be less outlaws, more 'amens' and 'yes, ma'am's, better dads and more fun in our world.

"This world would be a better place to live in, with a few more cowboys," he preaches in the chorus. In true Toby Keith fashion, he also touches on buying American-made products and "taking care of our own."

Watch a video of him performing "A Few More Cowboys" live at a recent concert below.

The song is available for download now on iTunes.

Currently, Keith is traveling the country on his Interstates & Tailgates tour. You can find all of his upcoming dates through his official website.

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Hear Toby Keith's New Single, 'A Few More Cowboys'