Hear The Cadillac Three’s Rockin’ 'Soundtrack to a Six Pack'

Country-rock trio The Cadillac Three recently released "Soundtrack to a Six Pack," a new song about what things the Nashville bred bandmates believe pair perfectly with catching a buzz. In true Cadillac Three fashion, the track is a gritty, high-energy, rock-driven party tune.

In the song, lead singer Jaren Johnston cites his preferred "soundtrack" for a night of drinking which includes "kickin' on back with good friends," "moonshine sippin'," "hotties dancin' like they're on a mission" and more. Bandmates Neil Mason and Kelby Ray support Johnston's infectiously twangy vocals with a heaping dose of slide guitar and relentless percussion.

According to Rolling Stone, the song's inspiration came from Ben Cashatt (a Nashville musician and longtime friend of TC3) who referred to the band's music as being a "soundtrack to a 12 pack." Johnston and Mason took that idea and ran with it. The two wrote the song with Cashatt, who shared that it was Jaren's idea to change the title of the song. "He called me and said, 'You know, dude, not everyone drinks beer as heavily as

The Cadillac Three pegs their sound as somewhere "between radio-ready country anthems, hard-and-heavy rock and traditional Southern folk," which doubles as a pretty perfect description for "Soundtrack to a Six Pack." The band's love for their home state of Tennesseee and musical influences shine through in almost every song they release, this track being no different. "Yes, we're southern by birth, southern by choice," sings Johnston in the first verse. Nods to Willie Nelson, the Charlie Daniels Band and ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons follow shortly after.

"Soundtrack to a Six Pack" will join previously released single "Graffiti" on The Cadillac Three's highly-anticipated upcoming album, which is set to release later this year.

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Hear The Cadillac Three’s Rockin’ 'Soundtrack to a Six Pack'