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Listen to This Hilariously Awkward Song Composed Entirely From Comments on Shania Twain's Facebook Page

It's no secret that Shania Twain inspires extreme devotion from her fans. And with good reason. She's one of the most iconic and beloved vocalists in country music. Between her pop crossover anthems and her unforgettable ballads, the country queen has racked up fans from around the world. Most of us will never get a chance to talk to Twain in person, but we can share our appreciation on her Facebook fan page. And thanks to the relative anonymity of the internet, some folks get a little bold in expressing their adoration from behind a computer screen.

With that in mind, YouTube user Hot Dad compiled a collection of the hilarious, bizarre and slightly unsettling comments posted on Shania Twain's Facebook fan page. "This Wonderful Woman That You Are (Song For Shania)" is composed entirely from comments posted to Shania Twain's Facebook page. And it's really something else. It's like all your Facebook-challenged relatives got together to pen an ode to the "That Don't Impress Me Much" singer.

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The comments range from innocent ("Good morning Shania Twain") to odd ("I'm not a stalker nor a weirdo. I am just a fan of beautiful ladies...") to inexplicable ("A donut, a mustang, a parking lot... Shania.") Hot Dad sings the "lyrics" exactly as written, leading to hilarious results and plenty of grammar mishaps ("you go girl hears a cyber kiss.")

There's no word on whether Twain has heard the song, but it would be great to get the superstar's thoughts on this masterpiece. We all know it takes a lot to impress Shania.

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