Listen to Margo Price's New Single 'Four Years Of Chances'

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Margo Price set records with her debut album Midwest Farmer's Daughter. Now, she's hoping to make moves on the charts with her new single "Four Years Of Chances."

Price released the new single at the end of Aug. via her label, Third Man Records (the one Jack White runs).

In a video for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Price shares the story behind the tune. During a co-write, her friend was talking about a  recent breakup when she said, "Well I gave him four years of chances," Price says. "I thought that was a really clever line so I kinda took it and ran with it."

As you can imagine, the tune carries the perfect amount of attitude required to pull of the concept. Anchored by a steady hi hat groove, fuzzy bass line and bluesy guitar parts, "Four Years Of Chances" is one of the most biting tunes in Price's repertoire.

Interestingly enough, the tune has a different meaning for Price. It's not about a romantic relationship at all, for her. It's actually about the moment she left her old band and began a new one.

But if you think the tune is all just about feel, you'd be wrong. In fact, Price reveals that math factors in, too. In the song, she sings "I gave you 1,461 days." That's an exact number that, yes, includes the extra day for leap year -- that once-every-four-years extra day in February.

A less careful writer may have forgotten, but not Price! With any luck, the song will find a home on radio stations. Especially ones focusing more heavily on Americana, alternative and independent music.

You can support Margo Price's music via her website.

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Listen to Margo Price's New Single 'Four Years Of Chances'