Hear Maren Morris’ New Fiery New Track, ‘Rich’

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Maren Morris has just released her new single “Rich,” off her upcoming album, Hero, which will be available in its entirety on June 3. Morris serves as the cowriter on every single song the album and coproduced it as well.

The rising 26-year-old has had two previous hit songs charted on Billboard — “My Church” from her successful self-titled EP and “I’ll Be The Moon” (a duet with Dierks Bentley for his new album, Black).

“Rich” is fun, lighthearted and sure to be a hit. It’s all about how much money she would have if she got paid for every time she tried to leave her lover or he did her wrong.

“Rich” is the perfect summer anthem and we expect this song to hang out at the top of the country charts for a while. The track is undeniably pop-infused and gives off some major Sheryl Crow vibes. It’s laid-back, cool tone and beat make it impossible not to sing along and bob your head to it.

The lyrics, especially the chorus, are fiery and catchy: “Boy I’d be rich, head to toe Prada/Benz in the driveway, yacht in the water/Vegas at the Mandarin, high roller gambling/Me and Diddy drippin’ diamonds like Marilyn/No I wouldn’t be covered in all your IOU’s/Every promise you made me would have some real value/Cause all the little lies rolling on your lips/Is money falling from the sky/sh*t I’d be rich.” 

“Rich” is available for download now on iTunes.

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Hear Maren Morris’ New Fiery New Track, ‘Rich’