Hear Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood's Catchy New Pop Duet

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Keith Urban has been premiering some of his new songs while on a special promotional tour for his brand new album, Ripcord. He has been releasing the audio for his latest tracks on YouTube, one of them bering "The Fighter" -- a duet with country queen Carrie Underwood.

In a previous interview with The Boot, Urban explained he was determined to have Underwood on this track and praised her talent, saying, "She's really really, really talented and she's just really starting to discover what she can do as a singer."

"It's pretty simple, too ... It's not a traditional duet, where there's a lot for the girl to sing, but it's an important role in the song," Urban continues. "It was written with that idea of a simple conversation, simplistic conversation, a very simple question-and-answer scenario in the chorus, which really appealed to me."

Lucky for us, the two singers managed to make time to record the duet together. "The Fighter" is teetering on being a straight up pop song, but it's undeniably catchy and makes you want to tap your toes. Hey, we knew Urban would be experimenting and pushing the limits on this album, and while the song isn't his norm, it's infectious.

Underwood's vocals are perfect for this song, so we understand Urban's insistence on having her on the track. We have a feeling this synth-pop track is going to cross genres on the radio and become a summer hit for even those who aren't country fans.

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Hear Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood's Catchy New Pop Duet