Hear Jason Isbell and Amanda Shires’ Duet ‘The Color of a Cloudy Day’

Anna Webber/Getty Images

Jason Isbell and Amanda Shires finally shared their powerful duet, “The Color of a Cloudy Day.” The song wowed viewers of the 2015 documentary The Fear of 13, where it appeared in the closing credits. But the song wasn’t available anywhere else – until now.

The real life couple shared the song as part of the Amazon Acoustics playlist. The collection features several excellent tunes from a range of artists. Amazon Prime users get access to all of the songs. Or, you can purchase them each separately for your collection.

Shires and Isbell told the Wall Street Journal why the song resonates with them. “The protagonist isn’t perfect, but doesn’t deserve to be isolated, and feels he’s being treated like a caged animal,” Isbell tell the WSJ. “I think all couples deal with these feelings on some level at certain points in a relationship, but Amanda and I spend a lot of time apart because of our work, so we can certainly relate.”

Jason Isbell began the song with a guitar part and skeleton of a melody in the living room. He moved into the kitchen, where Shires was doing the dishes. She offered her take on what she’d want to hear from the protagonist.

The result is a classically powerful song from a pair who understand what it means to miss someone.

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Hear Jason Isbell and Amanda Shires’ Duet ‘The Color of a Cloudy Day’