Hear Gary Allan's Rocking New Single 'Do You Wish It Was Me?'

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Gary Allan surprised fans this week as he debuted his newest single, "Do You Wish It Was Me?" to country radio. The song was co-written alongside Jonathan Singleton and Andrew Dorff, and its upbeat tempo is a nice change of pace from the usual slow ballad breakup songs we're used to.

Allan's sexy and powerful vocals shine from beginning to end and really take precedent with the "hit it where it hurts" chorus.

Do you wish it was me / Waking up next to you / Pouring you your coffee / Making love all night long / Do you ever want me / When the sun don't shine / When the rain pours down / When you reach for somebody / Do you wish it was me?

Adding to the vibrant melody is the fact that the song was recorded using Allan's touring band as opposed to a studio band. The heavy instrumental intro and extra guitar riffs really bring the song to life while still staying true to the emotional and raw sound Allan is known for on songs such as "Watching Airplanes" and "Best I Ever Had."

"Do You Wish It Was Me?" is the first single off of an upcoming album which Allan self-produced giving him more freedom over the project. Release details of the album have yet to be announced, but if this single is a preview of what is yet to come fans will not be disappointed. The single is available for purchase beginning on June 10.

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Hear Gary Allan's Rocking New Single 'Do You Wish It Was Me?'