Hear Frankie Ballard’s New Summer-Ready Single ‘El Camino’

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Frankie Ballard’s catchy new single, “El Camino,” has just been released. The track is one of the songs from his upcoming album El Rio (set for release on June 10th) and follows the release of his latest single, “It All Started With a Beer.”

Marshall Altman, who also worked on Ballard’s previous album (Sunshine & Whiskey) was brought on as the producer for El Rio. Instead of recording in Nashville, as is typical with most country artists, Ballard opted to record his entire album in El Paso, Texas, a choice he has spoken candidly about.

“El Camino” is upbeat and light with a summertime vibe. It’s the kind of song that makes you want to blare it from your stereo on a hot day, with your windows rolled down and your hand in the wind. The song is instantly addicting and easy to sing along to. Check it out below.

Ballard’s signature rock elements shine through, and the inspiration he said was drawn from John Mellencamp is certainly on display in this track. There are also some moments that give off some Kenny Chesney vibes, particularly toward the end (not that we’re complaining).

The track was co-written by country music juggernaut Chris Stapleton and Lee Thomas Miller. Miller has written several No. 1 country songs, like “You’re Gonna Miss This” by Trace Adkins, “The Impossible” by Joe Nichols and “I’m Still a Guy” by Brad Paisley, just to name a few.

The lyrics are a perfect match for the carefree and adventurous feelings they wanted to convey with “El Camino.” The chorus, which includes lines like, “I want to trade it all in for some cheap sunglasses, park an old airstream on a desert floor, with nothin’ to lose, and nobody keepin’ score,” highlights Ballard’s strong storytelling ability.

We’re predicting “El Camino” to be a big summer hit. You heard it here first, y’all!

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Hear Frankie Ballard’s New Summer-Ready Single ‘El Camino’